Meet Our Pandits

Archarya Rudra Prasad Dhungana (away)

Pandit Nikhil

Acharya Rudra Prashad Dhungana

Acharya Rudra Prasad Dhungana, native of Asam India, stands as a beacon of dedication and scholarly excellence in the realm of spiritual education. Armed with a Master’s Degree from the prestigious Sampoornananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi, Acharya Rudra graduated in 2000, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. With a profound background in Karamkhand, Acharya Rudra has garnered extensive experience as a Pandit over the years. His commitment to the spiritual path led him to serve as a Senior Sanskrit Teacher at Vivekananda Kendra in Arunachal Pradesh before joining us in Canada in January 2017.

Not merely a scholar, Acharya Rudra Prasad Dhungana is a versatile individual with a comprehensive skill set. His proficiency in Shukla Yajurveda is complemented by remarkable abilities as a singer, demonstrating a deep understanding of Bhajan, Pravachan, Yoga, Yagya, and Samskaras.

Pt Rudra diligently served hindu community. He then returned to Bharat in 2023 to care for his ailing 90-year-old father. Currently on a leave of absence, Acharya Rudra maintains regular communication with his RKMCC family and looks forward to rejoining RKMCC at the earliest opportunity.

Pandit Nickil Dharmani

Pt. Nikhil Dharmani, a native of Bilaspur, Himachal, is the son of Shreeman Amardeep and Shreematie Meena Devi. Proudly associated with a rich familial heritage deeply rooted in cultural and spiritual traditions, Pt. Nikhil’s familial circle includes his esteemed elder sister, Poonam Sharma. He draws inspiration from his revered mama (maternal uncle), Pt. Surinder Sharma, a prominent figure at the Hindu Heritage Centre in Mississauga.

An alumnus of Lal Bahadur University, New Delhi, Pt Nikhil holds a Master’s Degree with a specialization in Shukla Yajur Veda. Following his academic journey, he devoted himself as a full-time priest in Punjab, later embarking on a new chapter in July 2023 within the Canadian community. Since September 2023, Pt Nikhil has seamlessly integrated into our community, enriching it with his vast knowledge and cultural expertise.

Beyond his spiritual pursuits, Pt Nikhil exhibits remarkable talent in music, showcasing exceptional self-taught singing skills. His musical prowess underscores his innate ability and passion for the art.

Pt Nikhil Dharmani stands as a symbol of cultural preservation and spiritual dedication, harmoniously combining tradition with a modern global perspective. His journey reflects a commitment to service, learning, and the integration of diverse cultural elements