Welcome to the Radha Krishna Mandir and Cultural Centre (RKMCC) Outreach Program, (RKMCC OUTREACH)! Our mission is to elevate the engagement of our mandir community and optimize activities to better serve and communicate with the community, especially in the Region of Waterloo. Led by the dynamic young devotees of RKMCC, this program invites the entire community to participate, placing particular emphasis on the pivotal role of youth as catalysts for transformative community progress.

RKMCC OUTREACH will channel its efforts into various community-oriented initiatives, including local feeding and meal programs, Hindu Youth conferences, collaborations with other Mandir youth groups, social and sporting events, and Mandir-specific projects aimed at enhancing community welfare.

We warmly invite the active participation of high school students, with volunteer hours granted for their valuable contributions to RKMCC OUTREACH activities. To be part of this journey and make a positive impact, simply click on the “Register” box below. Join us as we strive to create a stronger, more connected community together.