Why the need for new building?

1. Need for Additional Space for Youth Activities and Growing Hindu Population in the Region of Waterloo:

  • Youth Engagement: A larger space allows for more diversified youth-centric activities like cultural, educational, and recreational events.
  • Growing Congregation: As the Hindu community expands in the Region of Waterloo, a new building provides the necessary space for religious gatherings, ceremonies, and social events.

2. Inability to Modify/Expand the current Building at 67 Old Mill Road, Cambridge Due to Its Heritage Status:

  • Preservation of Heritage: The existing building, being a heritage site in City of Cambridge, needs to be conserved in its original form to maintain its cultural and historical significance.
  • Restrictions on Modifications: Legal and cultural constraints prevent substantial modifications or expansions to the old building.

3. An Analogy to our Personal Needs:

  • Comparing the Importance: Just as we pursue larger homes to meet our expanding personal needs, the community strives to create a nurturing space for God activities, catering to worship and communal gatherings while advocating for the care and respect for this sacred space, mirroring the value we place on our homes and improved living conditions.

4. Community’s Vision for the New Building:

  • Enhanced Facilities: Outline the potential amenities and spaces the new building could offer, such as larger prayer halls, rooms for various activities, educational spaces, and community gathering areas.
  • Accommodating Future Growth: Emphasize the foresight in planning for the future needs of the community, ensuring that the new building can cater to potential growth.

5. Inclusivity and Accessibility:

  • Welcoming All & Accessibility: Need a space that’s accessible and convenient for all members of the community, including the elderly and differently-abled individuals.