Meet the Board of Directors

At Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre (RKMCC), our journey is guided by a dedicated Volunteer Board of Directors, individuals who bring passion, expertise, and a profound commitment to the spiritual and cultural enrichment of our community in the Region of Waterloo.

Collaborative Leadership for a Vibrant Future:

Our Board of Directors operates on the principles of collaboration, inclusivity, and shared vision. Regular meetings, open communication channels, and a commitment to the well-being of our community define their approach. Together, they aim to steer Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre toward a future that reflects the teachings of love, harmony, and cultural appreciation.

Get Involved:

Would you like to connect with our Board of Directors or learn more about their vision for our community? Perhaps you’d like to share your own vision too? Feel free to reach out, and let’s work together build a spiritually enriched future together. Meet our Board of Director team elected for 2023-2026 and join us on this incredible journey of growth, spirituality, and cultural celebration.


Mr. Dwarka Persaud

Ms. Jean Persaud
Vice President

Mrs. Indro Denobrega

Mrs. Pamela Ram

Mrs. Savitri Balkisson

Mrs. Nalini Prashad

Mrs. Seeta Ramkissoon

Dr. Bhaleka Persaud

Mrs. Dharma (Lalita) Persaud

*Persauds are not related to each other.

Mr. Dwarka Persaud, President

Meet Dwarka Persaud, the President of Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre (RKMCC) — a seasoned leader whose life and career exemplify a profound commitment to community and environmental stewardship. Originally hailing from post-colonial Guyana, Dwarka immigrated to Canada in 1969 to attend Radio College of Canada and later University of Waterloo, bringing with him a strong belief in the equality of all humans, shaped by his experiences in Guyana.

Dwarka’s  journey with industry commenced in 1971 at Butler Polymet, where his dedication and innovative approach earned him a full-time position. His plastics environmental career took flight, focusing on recycling scrap materials from automotive parts. In 1987, Dwarka co-founded Norwich Recycling, pioneering Toronto’s first bottle recycling program. The company later specialized in PVC materials, successfully reclaiming and recycling them. Under Dwarka’s leadership, Norwich Plastics has diverted an impressive one billion pounds of plastics from landfills.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dwarka’s commitment to community service is epitomized by the RKMCC in Cambridge, Ontario. Established as a testament to his gratitude for the support he received, the center hosts cultural festivals and provides services for Vedic believers. Moreover, as the President, he possesses an unwavering passion for leading the vision to ensure that the new mandir, currently under construction, will be brought to fruition for the benefit of the younger generation.

Additionally, Dwarka played a pivotal role in the creation of the Federation of Hindu Temples of Canada in 1999. His involvement reflects a shared vision of providing a national united voice and lobby for Vedic faith organizations across Canada.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dwarka if you are interested in contributing to fundraising, participating in the new building committee initiatives, or if you have any strategic direction you’d like to explore for RKMCC. Your input and involvement are highly valued.Contact at

Ms. Jean Persaud, Vice President

As a highly regarded community advocate, our Vice President, Jean Persaud  plays a pivotal role in championing the Board’s vision, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the seamless operation of the Board while offering crucial support to the President. She has been at the forefront, spearheading the planning of numerous major fundraising events and overseeing our social media initiatives. Contact at

Mrs. Indro Denobrega, Secretary 
With an enduring commitment dating back to the 1980s, Indro Denobrega has been a dedicated volunteer, undertaking various roles at RKMCC. Currently serving as the Secretary on the Board, Indro has the responsibility of being the gatekeeper of records and resolutions. In this role, she preserves the decisions, actions, and milestones achieved by the Board. Her efforts stand as a testament to the assurance that our cultural heritage is not just maintained but preserved for both the present and future generations.  Contact  her at

Mrs. Pamela Ram, Treasurer

Pam has over two decades of membership and played a pivotal role in the formative years of RKMCC, contributing as a volunteer in various capacities. In December 2023, after a hiatus, Pam rekindled her journey with RKMCC leadership team, bringing with her a wealth of financial acumen. Currently serving as our Treasurer, she takes on the responsibility of overseeing RKMCC’s fiscal matters. In this role, Pam ensures transparency and accountability, safeguarding the organization’s financial well-being. Contact at

Mrs. Savitri Balkissoon, Director

Savitri, a devoted Director with over two decades of service on the Board, takes charge of the aesthetic decor of Bhagwan. She works closely with Panditji to support implementation of all religious programming at the mandir while at the same time ensure the day-to-day functioning of the mandir is impeccably maintained.

Mrs. Nalini Prashad, Director

Since the inception of RKMCC in the 1980s, Nalini has been a steadfast volunteer, wholeheartedly supporting RKMCC in every capacity. Her journey as a volunteer from inception culminated in her election to the Board of Directors in 2020, a testament to her unwavering commitment. Nalini brings congeniality to the forefront, fostering a warm and welcoming environment always. Her contributions extend across multifaceted skills, proving crucial to various practical aspects of RKMCC operations. Whether orchestrating seamless events, managing the intricacies of the kitchen, or coordinating volunteers for sanitation, Nalini’s diverse skill set enriches the fabric of our RKMCC community and ensures the smooth functioning of our Mandir.

Mrs. Seeta Ramkissoon, Director
With her RKMCC membership spanning over two decades, Seeta is currently serving her second term on the Board of Directors. In her role, she stands as the Board’s focal point and passionate advocate for youth and cultural development. Committed to empowering the next generation, Seeta collaborates closely with the Outreach, Bal Vihar, Summer Camp and international student teams to support implementation of their mandate and bringing pivotal matters to the board for consideration and action.

Dr. Bhaleka Persaud, Director
Bhaleka deemed our mandir a welcoming haven for newcomers, esp for international students—a home away from home. Proficient in project and data management, fueled by a professional fervor for hydroclimatology and climate change issues, she joined Board of Directors in 2023. Bhaleka is leveraging her expertise to help enhance RKMCC operational management. Contact at

Mrs. Dharma (Lalita) Persaud, Director

Dharma (Lalita) has been an integral force within RKMCC since the 1990s, contributing across a spectrum of activities. From her role as a vital member of the leadership team several times to her engaging performances as a solo and chorus singer, Dharma has exceptional skills in executing her operational tasks with precision and unwavering commitment.