Operations Team

Nurturing Dharma: Our Operations Team in Service Beyond the Board

Step into the heart of our Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Center, where the sacred meets the practical, and where the aspirations of our community find expression and implementation. Our Volunteer Operations Coordinating Team plays a pivotal role, seamlessly weaving the spiritual tapestry of our mission into the fabric of our daily operations.

In alignment with our spiritual values, our Operations Team collaborates closely with our pandits, trustees and board members to translate divine ideals into tangible actions. They embody the principles of Seva, ensuring the smooth functioning of our non-profit with dedication, integrity, and a deep sense of purpose.

Our Operations Coordinating Team, hand in hand with a compassionate army of selfless volunteers, delivers service rooted in spirituality. Explore their stories of dedication, witness the transformative power of selfless contributions, and consider joining us on this divine journey of Seva, where every act is an offering to the greater good.

Mr. Raj Ramkissoon

Mr. Andre Jatindranauth
Assistant Kirtan

Mrs. Anupa Balbahadur
Culinary Coordinator

Mrs. Lynn Maharaj
Landscape/Garden Coordinator

Ms. Anganie Tiwari
Bal Vihar Teacher

Mr. Madan Dheer
Summer Camp/Tuesday Hanuman Services Coorindator

Mr. Raj Ramkissoon, Kirtan Coordinator

Professionally, Raj is involved in real estate and also serves as the manager of the Ground Shakers tassa band. However, his passion extends beyond the realms of his career. From an early age, Raj found himself immersed in the enchanting realms of Ramayan, Chowtal, and the rhythmic cadence of singing. Raj’s father, a custodian of linguistic and mythological wisdom, imparted the teachings of Hindi and the epic tales of Ramayan. This foundation laid the groundwork for Raj’s profound connection with diverse forms of singing—whether it be the melodic narratives of Ramayan, the rhythmic beats of Chowtal, or the devotional tunes of Bhajans—a legacy inherited from his father, the visionary founder, and leader of the Sumatie Sabha Ramayan and Chowtal Group. Recognizing the tireless endeavors of his forefathers, who diligently preserved the cultural flame through four generations spanning from India to Trinidad, Raj also carries the responsibility to ensure its resonance in the Canadian landscape. In his role as the kirtan coordinator at RKMCC, his mission is clear: to empower the succeeding generation so that they can help to elevate our rich musical cultural tapestry to new heights in the Region of Waterloo. Feel free to connect with Raj at kc@radhakrishnamandir.ca if you or your children would like to join the RKMCC Kirtan group or share your musical talent.

Andre Jatindranauth, Assistant Kirtan Coordinator

Andre Yurendra Jatindranauth has been an active member of the Radha Krishna Mandir Cultural Centre (RKMCC) for many years. He is the father of three girls involved in the RKMCC Kirtan Mandali and recognizes the importance of teamwork. Andre is a software developer at OpenText Corporation and is the Assistant Kirtan Coordinator at RKMCC He has dedicated his time to supporting the youth and their initiatives to enhance creativity, facilitate collaboration, and sustain our dharma. He encourages all to join in the sweet melodies of the RKMCC Kirtan Mandali.

Mrs. Anupa Balbahadur, Culinary Coordinator

With a professional background as a mortgage professional, Anupa brings over 10 years of dedicated selfless volunteerism to RKMCC, serving as the Coordinator for Culinary (Kitchen) Services. In this role, she oversees food preparation, contributes to menu development, and ensures that RKMCC’s devotees and supporters experience the finest culinary offerings. Anupa plays a pivotal role in food procurement operations, ensuring the highest standards in quality. While her primary operational focus is on culinary aspects at RKMCC, Anupa goes above and beyond by selflessly contributing to supporting fundraising, community outreach, and various other facets to guarantee the smooth execution of many of RKMCC’s activities. If you’re passionate about culinary arts and would like to join Anupa’s team to contribute your skills to RKMCC, feel free to reach out to her. Your involvement will play a key role in enhancing the culinary experience at RKMCC and supporting its broader mission.


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Have questions about the program, contact teacher at balvihar@radhakrishnamandir.ca

Madan Dheer, Summer Camp  & Tuesday Hanuman Satsang Coordinator 

Meet Madan, a resident in the Region of Waterloo with a distinguished career spanning over 26 years in the field of education. Madan’s commitment to nurturing young minds led him to serve as both a teacher and administrator in Canada, before retiring as the Principal of Languages School within the Waterloo Region District School Board. Beyond his professional achievements, Madan has actively participated in various community issues, while being steadfast support as a member of the Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre to activities. As the construction of the new mandir building progresses, Madan has taken on the commitment to collaborate with others to ensure its successful completion. His vision is to provide our community with a dedicated space to fulfill their spiritual aspirations.

In addition to his interest in our mandir’s growth, Madan extends a warm invitation to all to engage in the variety of mandir activities. Currently, he coordinating 2024 Summer Camp Program and Tuesday Hanuman Satsang. Madan encourages devotees to reach out to him directly at 519-498-1311 or summercamp@radhakrishnamandir.ca if you would like to get involved with these programs.

Mr. Vishnu Balbahadur, Religious Programming Coordinator (extended leave of absence)

Vishnu, a devoted volunteer and our Religious Programming Coordinator at RKMCC, plays a central role in harmonizing the coordination of all our religious programming at our Mandir. With a profound commitment to spirituality, he provides invaluable support by overseeing the scheduling and logistics of Panditji bookings, ensuring that each religious ceremony is executed with precision and deep reverence. In addition to this role, Vishnu brings a wealth of experience, not only as an accounting professional but also as a former president of RKMCC. His selfless dedication to our mission is exemplified in his quiet yet highly efficient approach. Vishnu’s unwavering commitment to RKMCC and its religious activities stands as a testament to his profound sense of duty and devotion to our shared goals. He is also serves as member of our new Building committee

For those interested in being a part of Religious Programming Team as welcoming ambassadors and providing support to our pandits in their daily tasks, feel free to reach out to Vishnu. Your involvement will undoubtedly contribute to the enriching spiritual experience we aim to provide at RKMCCContact at rc@radhakrishnamandir.ca