RKMCC Outreach Program

Radha Krishna Mandir’s Outreach program (RKMCC OUTREACH) is designed for the organization to be more involved in the community and streamline activities that will foster the Mandir’s ability to serve the community and communicate with the community at large more effectively.

Most of the activities done by RKMCC OUTREACH will be done by the young devotees of the Mandir. Involvement is welcomed by all, but the youths will be the catalyst of this program. 

RKMCC OUTREACH will embark on feeding and meal-type activities in the local area; Hindu Youth conferences, interacting with other Mandir youth groups; social and sporting events, and Mandir specific projects that will better serve the community.

All High School students are urged to get involved as volunteer hours will be awarded for time spent on activities done for RKMCC OUTREACH.  To get involved; click on the “Register” box below

Outreach - Lisaard & Innisfree Home

Outreach - The Bridges Shelter Cambridge

RKMCC OUTREACH delivered dinner to The Bridges Shelter in Cambridge on May 29th, 2021. Here is more information about the program including news articles, radio broadcasts, and images of our youths as they were preparing for the event.

News article published by Kitchener Today

Click on the images below for the news article:

Media clips from AM570

Photos from event taken from RKMCC and The Bridges Shelter Cambridge